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Creative Images drawn from the pages of History

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been creating images. From the earliest cave paintings to the latest breath-taking designs we see around us today. However, so much of what has been created is buried away in old books and magazines and hardly ever sees the light of day, and is almost impossible to find by those who might want to make use of such a wealth of great creative imagery. Here at Creative Me we pride ourselves on making as many of those images available as we can find and presenting them in a quick and easy, high quality format, for people to license and download in a few easy steps. All the images have been created using skilled staff to draw the best from the original manuscripts and documents to ensure the best quality reproduction for you.

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Creative ME

Mary Evans Picture Library offers the widest range of historical and cinema images for editorial and creative use

Mary Evans Picture Library licences images for commercial use in books, newspapers, magazines, adverts, web sites and all manner of other media.

Our images cover a broad range of topics and subject areas which, although coming under the umbrella classification of history, in fact extend far beyond most people's perception of historical pictures.

Our material has traditionally been used in an editorial context to illustrate news stories, magazine articles and the like, but today it is increasingly sought by creatives looking for different and stimulating imagery around which to base advertising campaigns or commercial design projects